Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You will discover the 3 most important factors that will play a significant role in the safe transportation of your vehicle to your destination.
1.      Insurance:
To me this is by far the most important thing you should peel your eyes for before you put your ink on paper to seal the auto transport deal. This is extremely important because of the fact that you cannot predict the future to know that nothing unfavorable will happen to your car while in transit. Since you cannot do that, you can do one thing however, that is, you can ensure that in case of such an untoward situation, your property is adequately protected. And the only way to do that is to read through the insurance coverage guide of the auto transport company very well. When the company says it provides insurance coverage, demand to see the certificate. You can also demand to know to what extent. There has been countless number of cases in which even though there was insurance on the vehicles, the coverage turned out to be ridiculously lower than the value of the car being transported.
So before you decide to go ahead with auto transport, you have to ask the company the following questions. Would it be possible for me to get additional coverage? Do they offer limited coverage amount? And in such case what is the amount and the terms? Are there any exceptions to the coverage on any parts of the car which would not be covered? What kind of damages do you cover? There might be several other questions you can come up with. This is the best time to ask questions because, even though most times nothing untoward happens in auto transport, if it does happen, you may not be able to ask later. So if your auto transportation company cannot answer these questions satisfactorily, then it is better you don’t use them.
2.      Transportation means:
Here you have to consider the type of truck that will be used in the haulage of your car by the auto transportation company. There are basically two type of trucks used for this purpose; the hotshots, which can transport only one vehicle at a time and the tractor trailers which can transport up to 3 to 12 vehicles all at once. Now the type used will go a long way to influence the time your car is delivered. It will also influence the delivery location as well as the amount of money you will have to part with in order to have your car transported safely to your desired location.
For example if you use a trailer tractor, aside the fact that you have to give them a very long term notification so that they can get other people headed in your direction to fill up the spaces, you also have to wait longer and have your car delivered to a specific location where you will have to go and pick it instead of it being delivered to your doorstep. But the thing is that you won’t spend as much money as you would have if you used the hotshots that will be faster and deliver your car at home.
3.      Environment:
The environmental condition of the moment play a major role in determining if your car will be delivered in one piece. This occasion of having to worry about the environment depends on the type of transportation mode. If you use tractor trailer, your car will be open and exposed to the environment all through the journey. If on the other hand you decide to place it in the lower deck, you have also to worry about oil sipping from the cars above and spoiling your vehicle.
Finally, now that you know the different factors that affect auto transport success on your own part, now you can make better decisions regarding which company to use for this purpose.