Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exotic Car Shipping

Anyone who owns an exotic car wants to be sure the company they are transporting with handles their car with care.  This is due to the price and quality of the vehicle.  Exotic cars cost much more than the average vehicle.  They also hold a higher value with the car owner.  Owners love their exotic cars and expect that anyone paid to move them treat them right.  Exotic car shipping should take place with the quality professionals at Direct Auto Movers.  They understand how precious the cargo is and take steps to ensure its delivered intact and on time.
There are many transportation companies that claim to provide quality service.  These companies do not hold a candle to the attentive drivers working for Direct Auto Movers.  These trained professionals take Exotic car shipping very serious.  In fact, they even offer free insurance to all of their customers.  This offers a peace of mind other companies charge for.  Insurance is offered for free because this transportation company is secure in their ability to keep an exotic car safe.  They also offer many different ways to transport an exotic car.
For instance, customers have the choice between an open and close trailer.  Exotic car shipping may take place only on an open trailer with other companies.  With Direct Auto Movers, the choice is the customers.  Closed trailers are the best option for exotic cars.  This is due to the fact that environmental impact can result in wear and tear on the vehicle.  Depending on where the car is being shipped there could be many environmental influences including snow, salt, road debris, sand, exhaust and more.  A closed trailer is going to keep the exotic car from being exposed to these climate dangers.
Direct Auto Movers only trains and hires top professionals.  These drivers understand just how important exotic cars are to their owners.  They treat each and every vehicle delicately.  They are trained to drive in severe weather conditions making them a safe option.  They are also trained in loading and unloading exotic cars.  Statistically, most of the dangers that threaten an exotic car during transport take place during loading and unloading.  If a car isn’t properly secured or loaded then it may drop and become scratched or damaged.  These professionals are trained to make sure this doesn’t happen during exotic car shipping or any transport for that matter.  In the rare circumstance that this does occur, a customer can rely on their free insurance to make sure they are fully compensated for any damages.
Direct Auto Movers focus on making sure that their customers are happy.  They provide each customer with their own customer service representative.  They are prepared to answer any questions the customer may have.  They also make sure that customers have all the added benefits and upgrades that may be necessary for exotic car shipping.  Transporting these vehicles is a service best left up to professionals who can ensure that the transport goes as smoothly as possible with no damage to the vehicle.
Exotic cars are important to their owners because of their cost and sentimental value.  If an exotic car owner attempts to drive the car to a far away destination they are opening themselves up to many problems.  The result could be damage to the exotic car.  A long trip is going to add unnecessary mileage to the vehicle.  Increasing the mileage is going to add wear and tear to the vehicle.  The travel will also be hard on the tires, the paint job and more.  Add those costs to the cost of gas, lodging and food on the road and the customer may find that exotic car shipping is actually the better value.  Not to mention that it’s also safer for the car and Direct Auto Movers insures that.
Exotic car shipping means having one’s car transported in a timely manner too.  This means having the car when its needed.  There are reasons a transport may be hung up such as bad weather, accidents and road work.  However, the customer can rest assured that if their transport is hung up for any reason they’re notified by a qualified customer service representative.  Direct Auto Movers makes sure their customer service representatives are trained professionals who understand customer’s accounts and can provide them with answers.  They will likely call the customer before the customer calls them for any reason.
Exotic car shipping should always take place with Direct Auto Movers.  This is a customer’s best bet to ensure their precious cargo is taken care of.  They work hard to maintain their great reputation.  They put their customers and their vehicles ahead of their own agendas.  This is how they continue to do amazing business year after year.  Anyone considering transporting their exotic car(s) is urged to contact them right away for a free quote.