Sunday, June 10, 2012

Using a Terminal–to–Terminal Auto Shipping Service: Pros and Cons

Terminals are sparsely used in the auto shipping industry, but can be beneficial when needed for storing vehicles for a short period before and after the automobile transportation process. Pro : Terminal-to-terminal auto transport is best used when the pickup and delivery location is in a large city or metropolitan area. People that are visiting these large areas would benefit the most because they can drop off or pickup their cars at their convenience. Others might use a terminal when the car shipment is going overseas or to Hawaii or Alaska. These types of shipments require a traditional auto shipper to transport the car from one location to a port or terminal, where it can be stored for a number of days until it is ready to transfered using a ferry or on a container shipping boat.
Con: Terminals are large open parking lots. Your car will be exposed to the elements and might suffer weather damage. Also, security may not be provided at all locations, and there is no guarantee that your vehicle will not be stolen or vandalized. Furthermore, your vehicle is loaded and unloaded on and off the car hauler several times during the terminal transport, thus also increasing the chances of your vehicle getting damaged. There is also no additional insurance offered in case of such incidents. Basically, when using a terminal you are bearing the risk with the safety of your vehicle.
Pro: Most terminals are open 24 hours, so you can schedule the drop and pick up at any time. If for some reason you can`t fetch your car for a few days after it has arrived to its destination, you might be able to store it there for an extended period at additional fee.
Con: You will need to make the time to drive to the terminal for pickup and drop-offs. Arrange for a cab or someone you know to give you a ride for the trips from and later to the terminal to retrieve your vehicle.
Pro: Lower auto shipping rates are offered when using terminals since the actual work done by the auto transporter is a lot less.
Con: If you are not acquainted with the company policies on storage for delays or late pickups, you might end up paying more in the long run. There are also the two trips for which your car will not be available – they might be quite costly and time consuming if you`re not in an immediate proximity to the cities where the terminals are located.
Bottom line is that you need to carefully consider and calculate all aspects, before going one way or the other. Hopefully this list of pros and cons of using a terminal–to–terminal auto shipping service will help you make a good choice.

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