Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fifty percent of car buyers search online before purchasing

Approximately 50 % of car buyers from the major urban centers research online before walking into a retail area, a Google analysis said.
In addition, on an average a car purchaser takes 9 to 12 weeks researching before zeroing in on his last choice, the survey carried out by AC Nielsen for the internet giant said.
Amazingly, the survey also expose that of those who do research online, over half of them change their option of brand after coming across new report on the Web.
According to the survey, queries relating to SUVs grew the fastest on a year-on-year basis, followed by premium cars, sedans and luxury cars and most car buyers also rated OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) websites as the most essential and honest sources of information, says the survey.
According to the report, 50 % respondents who went online, as much as 42 % said they used search engine as the first choice to collect the information, just after the friends and relations opinion.
It also states they used the Web to research and compare prices, watch online videos and find images, do aggressive analysis, find dealer info and read both specialist and user reviews. The auto related searches is growing to high numbers, Google vice president said.