Friday, May 04, 2012

Top 5 Reasons To Use an Auto Shipping Broker

1.  An auto shipping broker will save you money.  Brokers have large networks of pre-qualified carriers and are able to negotiate lower rates to ship your car.  Brokers will keep the cost of auto shipping down by providing fair estimates based on current market conditions.  Carriers will also charge more when a broker is not involved.  Carriers will aim to make larger profits from their direct customers, while accepting much less from shipping brokers.
2. A shipping broker will save you time.  A broker will do the work for you in finding a licensed and insured carrier that is in your area at right time.  Brokers have access to better information. They can locate a carrier faster and save you the hassles of searching in the wrong places.  You no longer have to spend hours calling around and researching each carrier to make sure they are reliable.
 3.  A shipping broker can customize your auto transport.  Brokers will get your vehicle picked up faster, and on the dates that are most convenient for you.  Carriers have a limited number of trucks covering a certain area, and may not be able to accommodate the pickup and delivery dates you request.  If you need to move a specialized vehicle, a broker will have more options that match your needs having connections to over 30,000 carriers nationwide.
4. Shipping brokers offer more protection and accountability.  A shipping broker will take responsibly for your car transport if the carrier fails to do so. Brokers are always on your side.  They also verify the driver’s credentials, licenses and insurance coverage to make sure your shipping process goes as smoothly as possible.  If your vehicle is damaged while in transit, a broker will guide you in filing a damage claim, and provide you will all the necessary documentation to execute the claim.
 5.  Brokers offer better customer support.  A broker’s reputation depends solely on their customer relationships.  In turn, they offer more time and attention to accommodate their customer’s needs.  Brokers offer vehicle tracking at any time during the transport and will remain your point of contact if you encounter any problems. Most carriers are not set up to accept customer support calls, and will not always return your emails promptly.