Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shipping Your Classic Car or Any Motorcycle-Enclosed Auto Transport

            When shipping a classic car or motorcycle there will be a few things you may want to take in account when considering your shipping method. For most vehicles an open transport is fine. The vehicle will be fully covered by insurance and arrives for the most part only needing to be washed. A good detail job still comes to less money than the price difference of shipping enclosed. In the case of classics and motorcycles this is not always true.
            When transporting a classic vehicle you need to have a good idea of the value of the vehicle.  When shipping on a open carrier insurance limits are set to blue book values. If your classic has a retail market price higher than that of the blue book value the insurance will always pay the lesser. This is not true for enclosed carriers. Their insurance will cover all vehicles and will pay out claims based on a fair market value. As a classic car owner myself I know the blue book value of my vehicle to be not much more than the scrap weight of the steel.  While my fair market price will cover what i can expect to get for the vehicle if I were to sell it. 
            Unfortunately still less than i have into it but still much better than the scrap weight.When shipping a classic vehicle that you have just bought, this will get you your money back for your purchase.
            When shipping a motorcycle you must take into account that open carriers are, for the most part designed for transporting cars and trucks. Vehicles with four wheels. They will have two runners the entire length of the trailer with a space in the middle. Balancing a motorcycle on one of these runners can be quite a challenge. Usually open carriers who do transport motorcycles will either bring some plywood to make a platform or have a trailer that has a full deck.But they will also run into problems with getting the bike secured for transport. Enclosed carriers on the other hand are much better suited for this transport.  They have a loading ramp. , allowing for easy loading of the bike as well as maximum securing of the motorcycle. Another great point to take into consideration will be that enclosed carriers blanket their vehicles to protect them from any scratches from tie downs or shifting during transport.
            Though enclosed auto transport may cost as much as twice the open shipping price, in cases of classics and motorcycles it will be your best bet. These vehicles may not be our everyday drivers but do have more value to us than what any insurance company will say they are worth. Enclosed auto transporters are well aware of this and will spend that extra time to make sure the vehicles arrive in the same condition as they were picked up.