Monday, May 07, 2012

Applicable International Car Transport Rates

There was a time when shipping your car was a great thing and only a few affluent people could afford it. But today the scenario has changed completely. Vehicles, especially personal cars are shipped on a regular basis to different locations, both within the state as well as international. Automobile shipping industry has become a huge business and involves many players. Owing to rapid developments in technology and rules and regulations each company promotes itself as the best.
One has to be very careful while booking a vehicle shipping company to transport your car. Ask for an exhaustive list of services provided by the company. Choose only those services which you really need. Unnecessary services will cost you more and burn a hole in your pocket. The rates applicable while shipping your car vary not only from country to country but also within the country.  There are other factors which contribute to the rates and charges applied such as
  • Transportation costs and shipping rates
  • Rules and regulations of the destination
  • The additional services provided
  • The mode of transport – by ship or by air
Ensure that the firm whose services have been enlisted has full authority and the necessary paperwork done to transport your vehicle. The next important aspect to consider is whether your vehicle is sent via Ocean Full Containers or Ocean Less Than Container Load. The former requires an advance booking of at least a week and your car will be shipped with other items as well.  Whereas in the latter case your vehicle can be confirmed anywhere between a few hours to a day’s time and the charges will be extra as the container will have only your vehicle shipped separately. Whatever be the charges, ensure that the transport company informs you earlier so that you both are on the same page and know how much you will pay in advance.