Sunday, April 08, 2012

Five Things to Consider when choosing an Auto Transport Company

When looking for a car shipping company, you will find loads of companies on the web, claiming to offer the best services. Well, like any other product or services, you need to look for a reputed and top quality auto transport company and not just go with the first one you come across on the Internet. In order to make the right choices when choosing an auto transport service, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:
Check the profile
Before hiring an auto transport company, you need to go through the company’s profile, background and reputation. Read reviews and feedback. Check whether the company is registered and make sure the car shipping company is an honest and reliable one.
Compare quotes
When comparing, you will obviously find the rates differing with different auto transport companies. But ask for the breakdown of the precise costs so that it is easy for you to make comparisons.
Mode of payment
Once you are sure about the company and price quotes, you will be asked to make a down payment for the auto transport. This can be either in cash, with check or credit card. Whatever method you choose, remember to keep the receipt as a proof of the payments made.
Most auto transport companies provide an insurance policy as it is very important that the vehicles that are being transported are protected with insurance.  Some not so good and cheap auto shipping companies do not offer such services but it is important that you get the vehicle insured.
Remember to take several pictures of your vehicle from outside and inside before handing it over to the shipping company. Get a professional mechanic to know the current state of your car and get three copies of your car status and have the mechanic sign it. Keep one copy for yourself, the second to the mechanic and the third to the auto transport company.