Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dealing with a scam moving company

No one sets out to get scammed by a scam moving company when they are relocating but unfortunately these are the risks that some people face especially when they are trying to move on the cheap. If you are desperate to move from your current home to another, you may be compelled to go with just about any company that is willing to move you at a fraction of the cost that you would pay with other movers. Desperate moves also mean that you would not have had the time to do your research on your scam moving company to see if they are actually registered with the Better Business Bureau.
When you enter a business transaction with a scam moving company, you are no doubt setting yourself up for a massive headache, for scam movers are known to change the original business transactions before your eyes; something that you would have never seen coming. Scam moving companies are smooth talkers and are quick to talking you into a sweet deal that you cannot refuse. Most of these deals are non-binding which gives the company the authority to increase the moving cost for no particular reason.
There are a lot of people out there who have had to endure situations where the movers are requesting that they pay more money than they were originally quoted in order to get their household items returned. If you have recently been part of a moving scam the first thing that you should do is to report the matter to the police and have a police report made.    If you are in a situation where your furniture is being hostage then you should gather up all your documented transactions between you and the moving company so that you can make a case against them in court. The documents could consist of all the emails, text messages even snail mails that you have received from the company prior to your move.  Also you should compile a log of the names of the persons that you may have interacted with from the moving company as well as the date and time that you spoke to them.
If the moving company concludes that you may want to negotiate with them rather than pay the full price to get your furniture, you would soon realize that they would no longer be too accessible by phone. If they start avoiding your phone calls you can easily mail the company a registered letter requesting the return of your furniture. Whatever correspondence they mail back to you, you can use it against them in court.