Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is Enclosed Auto Transport Worth the Premium Cost?

For the majority of individuals shipping their cars, the extra cost for an enclosed car carrier (typically 25-40%) is not worth the investment. For example, is it worth to you to pay up to an extra $500 to ship your vehicle from California to North Carolina in order to avoid the elements as well as slightly reduce the likelihood of getting any scratches or dings on your car? (The likelihood is pretty low even on an open carrier.)
The types of cars for which shippers frequently choose enclosed car shipping include:
- Restored antique cars (e.g. Ford Model A, 1956 Chevrolet)
- High-end sports cars (e.g. Lamborghini, Tesla)
- Luxury vehicles (e.g. Maybach, Jaguar)
Nevertheless, some shippers choose to ship more “typical” cars via enclosed car carrier. It is your decision as to whether the extra cost of enclosed shipping is worth it to you.