Friday, March 09, 2012

Car Transport inTrain

If you want to transport car by train the whole family can take it easy. After a good night's sleep you feel refresh and ready to drive. A one or two compartment Car Train encloses includes train tickets, sleeping berths and car transport.

Booking a car-carrier package
You can book a car-carrier space to trains leaving until 11.7.2012. Car-carrier spaces to trains leaving as of 12.5.2012 can be booked from January, 2012. Seasons in particularly On holiday car spaces are in huge demand so you should book your ticket when you have finalized your travel plans. When booking your journey state the make, model and registration number of your car. It is important to say whether you car has a roof box or whether your car's height exceeds 1.65 m. A limited number of spaces are available for high vehicles and vehicles with roof boxes. If your car has a particularly heavy load check load limits when booking your ticket.

Collecting train tickets
Tickets shall be collected at a station booking office or sales agent one month before departure date, at the latest. If the departure date is one month from date of booking or less the ticket shall be paid within two days of booking. If train departure date is in two days or less the ticket shall be paid on the day the booking is made.

Loading your car
You can drive your car yourself with your own risk on to the car-carrier wagon, if you wish. Check the loading times on your ticket and arrive at the loading site well in advance. The vehicles are loaded in the order that they arrive at the loading site. A marking on the ticket does not guarantee a specific space but only the fact that a space of sufficient height is available.

Please take note of the following facts
Only the driver may be inside the car when it is loaded on the car-carrier wagon. All personal hings needed during the train journey shall be removed from the car before loading. The car shall be locked and fresh air nozzles shall be closed during transport. Specific instructions applying to your car make shall be followed. You can also leave your car to be loaded by personnel. They drives your car on the car-carrier wagon and delivers the keys to the destination station. If you wish you can have your car transported to your destination station 1-5 days before you travel. They will take care of unloading the car. Please note! Importer's regulations shall be followed when transporting Mitsubishi Pajero and VW Transporter diesel vehicles in winter time. The vehicles shall be loaded with the rear of the vehicle facing the front of the train in the old car-carrier wagons.
At the destination station
If you drive your car yourself out of the car-carrier wagon you have to come to the unloading area immediately after the train arrives at your destination station. When They takes care of unloading, the car is parked in the station parking space where the car is stored at the legal responsibility of the customer. Many stations have power sockets for engine heaters in their parking space. Check your car after driving the car out of the car-carrier wagon before you leaving the loading area. Notify personnel of any damage you suspect your car incurred during transport. When the vehicle is loaded in winter time in an open-air car space check before starting the motor that there is no snow or ice in the motor compartment. They will not compensate for damage to the motor caused by snow or ice when starting the motor.
If your travel plan changes
You can change the travel date for the car space or package you have booked or you can cancel it.