Monday, September 13, 2010

Keep in mind during car delivery

It is a point unbearable task to find a reputable auto transport company that would transport your car from one place to another correctly and carefully. Once you have hired a reliable car transporter, you need to plan the car for the transit. The vehicle must be correctly inspected for any kind of snags or scratches. Make sure to keep the gas tank to ¼ for reduction the weight. Also the vehicle transport company should be informed of any type of leakages or opening troubles of your car.

The car transport company has to have given you a distinct time and date for the vehicle pickup. Make sure that you are on time to meet the driver and the assembly point should be clearly defined and easily nearby for both parties. The truck used for shipment would be quite large for narrow lanes. If you delay the lift up by coming late, you are causing problem to other customers as well. So it is better to be on the spot on time.

It is not a wise thing to run off the car with the car transporters without taking any proper documents. Be sure that you get a creative inspection report prior to handing over the keys. The report must contain information on lift and delivery, car’s current mileage and more importantly the present condition of the car like pre vacant scratch and dents, cracked glass/ mirrors, general paint condition etc. This report should be kept safe as it would be of great use during car delivery. During car delivery, the person getting the car should essentially have this report with him for cross checking the vehicle’s condition.

* You must be on time not only while hand over the car but also during the vehicle delivery.

* You need to do a slow and systematic inspection of the vehicle with a copy of the original inspection report.

Reach the defined location early so that there would not be any wait for other cars sitting on the trailer. As and when the car arrives, Compare the condition of the car with the report and check if there are any cosmetic or discernable mechanical damage that was not noted in the inventive check report. It is important to check underneath the car as well. If you locate any damage that is not present in the original report, note down each of the incident and make sure that the driver signs it. Never accept a bus until and unless you have clearly inspected it. It is not suitable to accept the vehicle at night if there is enough light to do good inspection.

Even though car transport is essentially a trouble free process, probability are there that damages may occur and it is important to understand the process of getting compensation for the damage. Once you have established some damages that have happen during the transit, make sure to note it down and get the driver’s signature. Contact the vehicle transporters and they would verify the assert raised by you. If the claim is proven right, the company would reimburse for the damages.