Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is a state auto transport?

At this time with State 2 State Auto Transport, it makes us feel happier knowing that you are educated about the services that are provided out there before you actually make decisions. We appreciate transporting your vehicle(s) is no small matter, that's why State 2 State Auto Transport is proud to offer you references from some of the main E bay sellers / Dealerships, Athletes, or your regular shipper. We treat all transports as if we were moving our own cars. One big feature in the auto brings business that a lot, or let's say most companies seem to ignore is customer service. Anyone that has experience or has transported a vehicle(s) in the past can probably understand what we are saying. State 2 State will be here to help weather you transport with us or not. Once your order is book, if we don't make contact with you first, you can either call your estimator or one of our customer service reps and we will arrogantly assist you.

We will inform you prior to pickup, release and keep you posted on rank of your transport without having you to call us. State 2 State makes sure to your knowledge will be stress free and very pleasant as we know for future references, or keeping a healthy record is extremely important for referrals, and continuous business with our customers. Give us a chance and let us prove that State 2 State can be the last basis for your auto carrying needs. If we can more assist you with any other question you may have, please feel free to call us as we are here to help you.