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Intersity Lines is best in Automobile Transport

Intersity Lines is best in Automobile Transport

Intersity Lines,INC. is an America’s Premier Enclosed Automotive Transport company. It has been involved in automobile transort business since 1980. It is a family owned company and it has been operating for 32 years of customer service.

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They’ve invested years mastering the transportation of vehicles. As the company has developed, they’ve stayed targeted on offering the best value and the best client support to every one of their customers. They stay in front with personalized encased car shipping equipment, innovative interaction technology, modern services and experienced and enthusiastic workers. This company has developed through thousands of fulfilled customers. Their goal is to fulfill the objectives of every client, every time they have an opportunity to provide them.
Intersity Lines

Transport Equipment:

Each Intercity transporter is completely covered and fixed with hydraulic lift gates to make sure highest possible protection in loading. This keeps the car level at all times, removing any generate line stress or undercarriage harm. Air ride suspensions are used to support the journey over difficult streets and special nylon wheel tie-downs and soft fabric wraps protect even the most sensitive classic automobile from damage. Intersity Lines are the first company in US to initiate The Qualcomm Satellite Tracking that helps us to know the location of the vehicles accurately which provides an extra protection to the automobiles.

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