Monday, June 04, 2012

3 Ways to Avoid Delaying the Shipment of Your Vehicle

The United States consists of people on the move. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, of the population of 282,556,000, in the United States people that moved in 2010 were 40,093,000 or 14.19 percent annually. One of your many priorities during a move is to get your vehicle delivered on schedule without any delays.

1. Your Car is Under Quoted
#1 most common reason why some vehicles are delayed for transporting, or never get shipped at all is because it has been under quoted. A broker may quote your vehicle far below ‘market value’ just to get an order or a deposit, knowing that your car has little to no chance in being selected by a carrier for transport. After days, weeks and sometimes months you will eventually have to increase your offer to a carrier if you want to get your car shipped. What you thought was a deal, turns out to be a delay, and eventually you will have to pay ‘market value’ or more if you want to get your car shipped.
Solution: Motor Movers will always quote your car so that it will be competitive with what is listed on Central Dispatch (see Getting Familiar with Central Dispatch). Remember- The lowest quote will NOT get your car transported. The lowest quote will only delay your shipment.

2. Difficult Route
Even though carriers transport all over the country and into Canada, some routes are more popular than others. Some routes especially in the winter are less frequented by carriers. Since you cannot change the origination or destination of where your vehicle needs to be picked up or delivered, you can proactively ensure that it is not delayed.
Solution: Unlike most brokers, who are simply order takers, Motor Movers has its own in- house dispatch department that is solely dedicated to getting your car on a carrier. If a carrier is not going your direct route, we will strategize and work with carriers that have truck space from surrounding states or routes. We also maintain close relationships with carriers, so that we can negotiate a space on your behalf.

3. Unique Sized Vehicle
People transport everything from Hummers to Batmobiles. An oversize or unique sized vehicle may be overlooked if a few pre-emptive measures are not taken when first placing your order.

We realize that vehicles come in varies sizes. However, if details such as dimensions, weight and any other specifications about the vehicle are not clearly noted, a carrier may not include your vehicle in their iteniary. This information is clearly communicated on your behalf to carriers by Motor Movers. So, a portion of success in getting your unique sized vehicle on carrier lies in the details and how well your account executive relays that information to the carrier.