Monday, April 23, 2012

How Do I Pay for Shipping My Car?

While paying by credit or debit cards for purchases large or small has become standard in our country, many car shippers do not accept credit or debit cards for payment. Since payment options can vary by car shipping company, be sure to check with the companies you are considering.
Most car shipping companies require a deposit when you initially reserve your auto transport. This deposit can typically be made by credit or debit card, although there may be an additional fee. Some car shipping companies accept personal checks for deposits. However, when your vehicle is delivered you typically need to pay any balance due by cash or a cashier’s check.
What are the reasons for requiring cash or a cashier’s check?
1) Due to the tight margins of the car shipping business and the large size of the transactions, car shipping companies do not want to pay the 2.5-3.5% transaction fee to the credit card companies.
2) Car shipping companies want to avoid any disputes with the credit card companies. Once you have your vehicle back, the auto transporter has very little recourse if the credit card company reverses the charges.
So, when you are ready to ship your vehicle, check with your car shipping company to understand your payment options.