Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Know the payment methods and insurance details

After finding the company, know its payment details and other details
  • Know what payments they accept and also what payment method they use.
  • Some companies may ask you to deposit some money and few may ask you to pay the full money in advance.
  • Read the contract and be aware of the contract, some hidden fees may be listed in a small column in the contract
  • Always have the cash ready because some may not accept credit card or debit card on delivery.
Few important tips:
Remove the toolbox and other accessories before your car is shipped, ensure whether the transportation company has gps car tracking facility, take photograph of your vehicle and disable the car alarm, make the copies of insurance polices and all other details in the writing format, make arrangements one month before shipping and avoid last minute rush. Make sure that the company provides you the bill of lading and inspecting your car completely. Follow these tips and have a safe transportation of your valuable car

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