Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Modes of car shipping

The car shipping companies use two methods for auto transporting your car and they are open and enclosed car transport methods. Open car transporting method is mostly preferred by the companies since they can transport many vehicles at a time. The vehicles are transported in open air and this method is the common method preferred by the dealers also. In enclosed method of car shipping, the car is transported in a close carrier and only two to four cars can be transmitted at a time. This is the costliest method, but ensures you the more safety and it protects your car from environmental hazards and also prevents your car from scratches.

While shipping your car overseas, keep your car completely empty and the car should be in running condition so that they can be used for role on and role of services. The charges for the shipment are based on the weight of your vehicle and keep the gas tank very low so that it reduces the weight of your car.

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