Monday, December 13, 2010

International vehicle shipping is safe and reliable

International vehicle shipping is considered one of the best ways to transport your vehicle securely from one country to another when you’re relocating to another country. This type of shipping is more complex than domestic auto shipping. It provides safe and reliable shipping service at affordable price. Any type of vehicle can be transported in any part of the world. This type of shipping provides four types of service; one is open or enclosed car carriers, high tech or door to door auto transport service.

The process of international vehicle shipping is more complicated than domestic auto shipping process. Overseas shipping is complicated because law varies from country to country. Most of the law parameters are based on the type and size of the vehicle that is going to be relocated. Since the entire responsibility of transporting the vehicle is taken by the transporting company, they should assure the owner of the vehicle that their vehicle will be shipped in a safe manner.

Major characteristics of international vehicle transport are as follows: Customers have to pay the required duty charges like destination charges, importation/exportation charges etc for cargo shipments. Before making any payment customers must communicate with the consultant of the concerned foreign government and find out all the rules and regulations of that country.

Try to transport your automobile through licensed, insured and bonded international auto shipping company. There are shipping companies that provide exceptionally best services at extra charge and there are some companies that provide best services at lowest cost in order to get the customer. Most of the international auto transport companies crown the pride of outstanding record of transport satisfaction among individuals, military and government personnel, professional sports teams and private corporations nationwide. Try to choose the right shipping company based on your need and budget.

In this type of transport any kind of vehicle be it car, truck, motor cycle, trailer, mobile home, bus, air craft, water craft, helicopter, airplane, tractor or heavy equipment can be sent or received to or from any part of the world.

While transporting your vehicle, remove the vehicle accessories such as spare tire, hazardous materials, spoilers, fog lights or ground effects, roof racks or other non-permanent items. Disconnect the alarm system in your vehicle. Repair any chips and cracks in your window. Remove or fully retract all the antennas in the vehicle and fold back vehicle’s mirrors.

Removing the essential objects in the car ensures that nothing shifts during shipping and damages the interior. If there are many open seams or holes in the vehicle, seal them to prevent moisture getting into the interior of the vehicle. If you cannot shield the top of the vehicle, ask your shipping company about closed container shipping.