Monday, December 20, 2010

Avoid risk by doing clear insurance assessment

Today there are majorities of the car shipping companies having reputation in the market. These shipping companies providing better services and they are bearing the insurance coverage also. The insurance coverage which they offer are well covered for any expected damages to your vehicle during the transportation. When you are coming across for an approximation from the auto shipping companies and your vehicle is in their supervision, you required to determine the quantum of insurance coverage which is provided by these auto transport company. In order to stay away from any misinterpretation later, it is always better to get copies of all promises in written format. These documents which are given by shipping companies must include insurance policies and other agreements.

There are some companies which transports any kind of vehicle legally. If you find a company which is legal to transport any kind of vehicle than you have to find out whether they have shipment and accountability insurance or not. In most of the cases these companies have both the insurance.

You can visit to the insurance company, and check twice all this information with them. The company will inform you everything that you have to know and you can clear all your doubt before trusting on them. This will make sure to you that for anything which will happen to your vehicle will be covered by them when it is in their custody.

This is equally true when you are transporting a vintage race car, valuable classic, antique, exotic or other specialty vehicle. If you are having a special car then insurance coverage limits become seriously significant. If your car having market value which is exceeding its book value, then while transporting such specialty vehicle insurance is very mush essential. For such specialty vehicle you may need to think an additional insurance coverage while shipment. Your auto transport company might be having all such coverage. These all insurance coverage will be added to the average cost of your vehicle's transport. You have to ask the company for their insurance certificate, before making any decision to choose the company. You must think for extra coverage for theses type of particular vehicle after knowing what is covered and what is left out.

When you leave your vehicle to their hands for shipment, the company agent will examine the vehicle for any existing damage. This inspection will happen before loading your vehicle, so your presence is must during this examination.

Most of the transport companies do not cover any of the items which are inside of your car. Be sure to vacant your car from all your belongings and personal items previous to handing over the key. More over those things will help in increasing extra weight, which may raised your transportation cost and further to that those objects may damage your car from inside. Any shipping company will not be covering the damage which is made by those objects.

When the vehicle is delivered at your destination, you have to follow the same assessment procedure. This is very important for you to check your vehicle thoroughly and make a point for any damage which is happened during shipment. Before accepting your vehicle you should note down all damages on the condition report.